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​Christmas 4v 2.5ah battery 4v 2.5ah battery

Haibike XDuro AllMtn 8.0 (,000)

Before any of the big brands jumped into the game, Haibike was selling and advocating for e-MTBs, which gives the company market cred. This 150mm 27.5+ machine was the biggest and burliest in the test, with a stout, inverted Magura Boltron fork and, at 52 pounds, the heftiest weight. The bike uses a 350-watt Bosch Performance Drive Unit paired with a 500-watt-hour battery. Our tester came set to European standards, meaning assist maxed out at 14 miles per hour rather than the 20 mph U.S. limit. (The AllMtn is for sale here in the United States with the faster motor.) The bike was sluggish but had plenty of low-speed torque, which made it easy to get up even the steepest, rockiest pitches. Side note: the debate about whether these bikes are allowed on trails may eventually hinge on max assisted speed, with some critics arguing that faster bikes could be dangerous.

The AllMtn has all the specs you’d want: Fox Float fork, SRAM EX1 drivetrain, KS Lev Dropper, 2.8-inch Nobby Nic tires. But it also has the steepest head angle, the tallest stack, and the shortest reach, all of which combined to make it feel upright and a bit awkward on the trail. The suspension worked well enough, and we liked the rigid certainty of the fork, but overall the bike felt the least deft of the three.

Cycle Life

Read more at https://www.zhsydz.com/shuangye-ebike-catalog/ 


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